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Why you need Active Directory and how it can Benefit your Business

ActiveDirectory is usually referred as the “Back Bone”of any Growing Businesses IT Infrastructure. The role allows broad integration with other systems and offers a huge solution to File and Security problems on the network.

Let’s say you have multiple departments in your Business and you’re growing. As you grow so does your data and the sensitivity of that data also grows.


This is where Active Directory Services can help. You can create “Security Groups” to allow certain users to only access what they need. Not only does this offer protection for your business but it also allows you to control delegation of responsibilities and employee roles from the system.


As you grow you recruit more staff, maybe some sales or an Apprentice. Therefore your staff turnover is becoming more frequent. Adding users and controlling Password Policies through AD is a breeze with it’s simple Remote Administration Software.


You can create templates for new employees depending on which department they will start in, giving them the right access from the start. Most companies who have Active Directory Services don’t use them at their full potential which leaves their investment restricted due to lack of education on these fantastic Services