Imagine walking into your office and not being able to access or find any of your company files, in fact they have been the target of a virus attack against your company overnight! What will you do?

The amount of money and time that will be wasted is a huge loss to your company and many companies fall because of these type of attacks.

At Broadband9 we implement a variety of different solutions to protect your data and documents from Anti-virus tools to Offsite backup solutions.

We tailor each implementation to suit your Business needs to improve security and reliability from introducing off-site cloud backups in ISO:27001 data centres to on-site systems.

  • Version Control

    Keeping backups of your documents and having different versions of them is essential to keep track of changes and understand who has made them.

  • Website / Portal Files

    It is not only Documents that need to be taken care of, but also your Website Files. We can backup your website in case of server failures or other related issues.

  • File and Folder Security

    We can put in a system in place for you where you can easily limit access to Files, Folders and documents for security and privacy reasons. Everyone can have a unique “login”.

  • Preparing for Failures

    Lets face it, nothing lasts forever! Hard Disks have a recommended shelf life of 5 Years – we have seen some fail even before then. We can help prepare for any issues by keeping a LIVE mirror of your whole file system. If there was a failure, you wouldn’t even notice the repair we would perform.

  • Remote Access

    Files sent over the internet are usually not encrypted, that means that anyone listening to the connection can read the contents of your files. We can secure the connection through advanced VPN systems and secure Remote Access from anywhere in the world.


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Secure Web Access

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  • Network

    Your data needs to be on a minimum of 1GB/s transfer speed from PCs to Server. A number of factors that can cause up to 100x lower transfer speed include low quality cables, low capacity switches, the usage of “Hubs” and incorrectly configured WiFi.

  • Anti-Virus

    24/7 Monitoring of files is important. We use automatic Containment systems which means that if our intelligent software detects improper usage of files then it will give it zero trust and only execute the file where damage cannot be done.

  • Access Anywhere

    Broadband9 LTD deeply believe that you should be able to access your documents and files securely on the go, at your clients premises and even from the luxury of your own home. We are able to implement simple but effective solutions.

  • Permissions

    Sensitive Data leaking out of your company is as harmful to your business as theft. We are able to monitor any access or unauthorised attempted file access by internal and external threats.

  • Integration

    A smooth IT experience is a key factor for any business wishing to prosper. We have been able to integrate company files with bespoke platforms including CRMs, VOIP systems, Office 365 and even Automated mail systems.

  • Version Control

    Sometimes we save a document and overwrite a file deleting previous work. We have made a mistake and there is no going back in time! Broadband9 provide version control for files and folders so you can rewind and compare documents real time!

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