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Top 5 Tips for IT and Network Setups Small Businesses

Top 5 IT and Network Tips:

1) Don’t let 100MBit Switches be a bottleneck on your Network.

I visited a client yesterday who were paying #Virgin Media for one their fastest internet Connections (330 download) only to receive a speed of 100 MBits due to their old switch. A simple upgrade can unleash 10x the local Network Speed and 3x the Internet Speed.

2) Colour Code your Ethernet cables.

Having different coloured cables for your network is best practice. I always have a certain colour for #VOIP phones, Data and special Uplink Cables such as those that go from Router to switch.

3) Keep your Servers Temperature cool.

If you have a Tower server that has your Files, Windows Domain Controller etc then ensure that the surroundings of the server are kept clear, good airflow around and easy to work on if needed. The last thing you want is to overheat your server and loose some of your investment.

4) Regularly check Backups

I’ve seen countless Businesses think that their Files and Data are being backed up only to find that due to incorrect configuration or a problem with the Schedule Backups are not taking place.

5) Regularly perform Restore tests

What good is a Backup if it doesn’t restore?

Look after Technology and it will look after you!